Holidays of different nations сочинение с переводом

Although, it’s a well-developed country with a high level of culture, most holidays and traditions date back to pagan times. For example, Easter, Christmastide, the Kupala Night, the Shrovetide — all these events have pagan roots. I’d like to say a few words about these holidays and traditions of their celebration. There are many holidays in Great Britain. The main are Christmas and Bank holidays. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December and symbolizes the birthday of Christ. Представлено сочинение на английском языке Путешествие моей мечты/ Travelling Of My Dream с переводом на русский язык. Сочинение на тему Мои летние каникулы Всем известно, что лучшим временем года для всех учеников являются летние каникулы. Сочинение на тему "Летние каникулы" на английском языке с переводом на русский язык Summer Holidays Летние каникулы All people like holidays. It is the wonderful time when pupils are free from school. There are autumn. 20/04/2013 · There are lots of holidays and celebrations Russia both national and foreign. Even though many Russians celebrate world holidays, such as St.Valentine’s Day, April Fools, Halloween and others, there are a number of purely Russian national holidays, which are celebrated only in Russia. Though sea, sun and sand are the same, people try to go to a different place every year, because fauna, and flora, and the air are different. Spending holidays on the beach is a great rest though many people combine sunbathing with visiting museums and places of interest. Summer is my favorite time of the year. Summer holidays are the longest. This year I spent my summer holidays in the country. Most of the time I walked, cycled, spent time with my friends. When the weather was hot, we went to the river. In the evenings, I helped my mother water the beds in the garden. I liked my summer holidays There are a lot of different traditions on how to celebrate Christmas. People in the United Kingdom decorate their homes with wreaths, ornaments and Christmas trees. City streets are filled with coloured lights; the sound of bells and tuneful Christmas carols can be heard everywhere. There were different kinds of entertainments there. Best of all I liked water scooters and discos. Best of all I liked water scooters and discos. There was nothing